19 Percent of Solar Panel Installations ‘Substandard’

Very interesting and somewhat disturbing to read a report detailing that the Federal Clean Energy Regulator had found 19 percent of 7000 randomly checked solar installations checked were deemed to be substandard. Given that there are more than one million solar installations Australia wide this could potentially equate to 190,000 below standard installations around the nation.

Obviously this is worrying, though it is pleasing to read that most installers were quick to rectify identified issues. This is why it is important to do as much research and ‘due diligence’ on the solar companies you receive quotation from. As a minimum, determining how long the company has been in business and asking for recent referrals from their solar clients around Brisbane may give you a starting point in assessing that company.

Having a read on the whirlpool green tech forum could be worthwhile. Many thousands of Australians post their experiences both good and bad in dealing with many solar companies and may be able to get a feel for how various Brisbane solar installers ‘perform’. Be aware (common sense dictates) that forum ‘posters’ may have vested interests so ensure you get a reasonable consensus on various companies. The forum can also be useful in getting feedback on various solar panel and solar inverter brands.