5 KW Solar Systems Offered Below $4700

It is interesting to see 5 Kwatt solar systems being advertised for less than $4700. In our view potential solar system owners are best served by purchasing a system with a high reliability inverter, solar panels with a long and good track record of reliability and most importantly back up from the local distributor should anything go wrong and going with a solar installation company that has a strong, long standing reputation for quality installation of their systems with solid after sales support. Simply buying a system on price alone is almost certainly not a wise move.

Australian Dollar and Solar System Pricing

The Australian dollar is currently ( 4 February 2015) trading around US$0.81, way below it highs of US1.08 a year ago. The downward trend of the Australian dollar suggest that upward price pressure on solar systems should be expected. This has not been seen over the last few months in terms of Brisbane solar system pricing. This is most likely due to the maturing of the market for solar panels systems in Brisbane and solar companies are increasingly struggling to find new customers , hence the price competition for solar is very strong currently.