A Review Of Winaico Solar Panels

A Review Of Winaico Solar Panels

WINAICO is a high-end solar panel manufacturer that emphasizes on the reliability and quality of its products. The company manufactures solar panels for commercial, residential, and BIPV applications.

winaico solar panels

winaico solar panels – Simply a great choice of Solar Panel. Not Chinese manufactured.

The company distinguishes its products from those of other manufacturers in two ways: First, the quality of the components it uses in its products, and second, the strict quality controls during assembly.

WINAICO prides itself in the selection of partners. Industry leaders in their respective fields produce all components contained in a WINAICO solar panel. The Glass comes from Saint Gobain while the backsheets and foil come from DuPont and Bridgestone.

The company is a subsidiary of Win Win Precision Technology, a Taiwanese company, which has its origin in the semiconductor industry, and with the experience and knowledge to understand what is required to manufacture high-grade silicon products.

The silicon photovoltaic cells within the modules are pure and each one undergoes flash testing for weaknesses and faults to ensure high yield over the system’s lifetime of 25 years or more.

At every stage of the production process, the quality of the components is managed and monitored. Through the rigorous oversight of all the aspects of the production process, the company is confident that it delivers a wonderfully assembled photovoltaic installation composed of the best components available.

WINAICO Solar Module Product Lines

WSP Poly (Blackline) with an output of 180 Watts to 195 Watts at its peak.

WSP Poly: Polycrystalline Panels with an output of 230 Watts to 255 Watts at its peak.

WSP Mono: Monocrystalline panels with an output of 240 Watts to 270 Watts at its peak.

The company also manufactures thin film panels, lines of laminates, as well as roof-integrated photovoltaic systems.

The WINAICO Difference
– For all its solar panels WINAICO uses only branded components of outstanding quality.

– 10-year product guarantee that is excluding laminates
– Innovative frame design for the best stability

– Positive power tolerance of +0/+5%. The company’s panels are guaranteed to produce power at the nameplate capacity or higher.
– Linear performance warranty of 25 years: This means that it has three ‘tiers’ of warranty as is the industry standard. The company’s panels are guaranteed at around 94% for the initial 5 years, 90% for the first 10, and 87% for the first 15. This graduated warranty system ensures that system owners can have very precise expectations about the performance of their panels than with other installers.

– Module efficiencies of up to 16.6% and cell efficiencies of up to 19%.
– To ensure the highest level of quality every module undergoes micro-optical and infrared testing.


The entire product range of WINAICO solar panels has certification from the Clean Energy Council of Australia.

Other Certifications include:
– CE Mark: WINAICO solar panels are compliant with EU regulations

– PV Cycle: WINAICO is a member of the PV Cycle program

– TUVRhineland has independently verified the claims that WINAICO makes about its panel specifications.

– Solar panels from WINAICO have exhibited excellent performance on the Solar Module Yield Measurement test on Photon Magazine, which is considered as the most thorough and rigorous third party testing authority in the solar power industry.

Top 6 Reasons For Buying From WINAICO

1. Maximum Performance

WINAICO’s modules come from a manufacturer that specializes in premium solar modules. The company is passionate about manufacturing and supplying highly cost-effective products of the highest quality standards. WINAICO’s modules have high-efficiency cells to ensure high energy yields.

2. Tested Quality

All aspects of WINAICO photovoltaic modules are designed for high performance in the end. Strict quality measures from the check of incoming goods to the outgoing check guarantees the premium quality of each WINAICO photovoltaic module. The quality of a Winaico solar panel is very comparable to the Sunpower Solar Panels.

3. Excellent Design

Fitting a WINAICO module on your roof signifies that you truly care about aesthetics, ecology, economy, and quality. Strict quality management checks along with the careful selection of components ensure that all WINAICO modules are homogenous. Thanks to the unique frame design found in WINAICO modules, they display highly accurate dimensions making it easy to fit them in an attractive and consistent fashion. High quality of workmanship ensures that the modules can stand up to a critical eye even after 25 years or longer.

4. Maximum Investment Protection

To ensure that your system is protected from damage to property and losses due to interruptions to operation as well as reduced potential yield, WINAICO offers comprehensive insurance cover for the entire photovoltaic system when you buy one. You get a free 2-year insurance cover as standard that is extendable by another 8 years under favorable conditions all thanks to the product’s high quality.

5. Long Term Efficiency

WINAICO only uses first-class, weatherproof components from the best of market leaders. This is the guarantee you have that your system will still deliver high performance in 25 years and still generate environmentally friendly and free electricity.

As a manufacturer, WINAICO ensures that all its modules do as they promise they will. The 10-year product guarantee as well as the above average linear performance guarantee that lasts 25 years should be enough to provide you with peace of mind.

6. Expert partner

WINAICO is a company that works with specialist partners directly to ensure that you get the best advice, installation, and planning. The company works with numerous partners from all over the world to build thousands of systems that generate over 5 Gigawatt-hours of solar power a year, as well as ensuring safe profits for the owners from an environmentally sound investment.

WINAICO has branches all around the world that help in sales, direct marketing, installation of systems, and efficient after-sales service. By using its own sales and logistics structure, WINAICO is able to deliver products to its partners in just a matter of days where they can be installed in a flash.

In conclusion, WINAICO is a company that focuses on the quality of its products as clearly shown in this article. If you want to invest in a solar power system in your home the six reasons outlined above along with the other bits of information provided in this article ought to convince you that you need not look further than WINAICO.

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