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Opt For Quality-The ABB Aurora Inverter Review

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Right now, this year, a huge portion of the United States, Europe and Australia, have entered what is called “Grid Parity”. ABB inverters are a well known inverter. That is the magical time when the cost of installing a solar system on your roof equals the cost of buying electricity from the grid at retail prices. Of course, there are a ton of variables involved depending on which way your roof faces, the amount of subsidies that are available where you live, the amount of credit your utility is willing to pay, and whether or not you drive an electric car. Believe it or not, when rooftop solar is used to power an electric car, the payback for the system can be cut in half. This is because using rooftop electricity is far, far cheaper than gasoline, but only slightly cheaper than grid power.

It’s Better To Choose The Most Efficient Solar Panels

When it comes to picking out which solar panels to have on your roof there are several factors you should take into consideration. First, there are some low price, poorly made solar panels from obscure companies that you should avoid. They have a high defect rate, they don’t meet their own specifications, they have faster degradation rates and you don’t know if the company that made them will be in business in a few years.

Not to worry, there are plenty of high-quality panel manufacturers in the US and Europe that are putting out excellent products for almost the same price. Watch for the solar efficiency rating as the higher it is the fewer panels you’ll need to install. Or, like many others, you can install more panels and either sell you excess back to the grid, or find another profitable way to make money with it. There are many methods to earn money from free electricity, and more being invented daily.

You should also pay attention to the warranties on workmanship and long-term degradation. The workmanship is what covers a defective panel, some of the high-quality manufacturers in Europe have only a .01% defect rate while others are almost 100 times higher. A typical workmanship warranty is 10 years which is plenty, bad panels die much sooner than that.

The long term degradation rate is important because that’s what you can expect the power output to be in 10 or 25 years. Their warranty will be the minimum guarantee and your actual results may be much better. If your break-even point on your panels is 8 years, then you’ll receive about 17 more years of free electricity. The panels may continue to work up to 50 years or more, and you can add more as time goes on as well.

All Components Of Solar Systems Should Be Certified

There are several certification companies that are involved in solar, the UL or Underwriters Laboratories, CEC which is the Clean Energy Commission, and then the TUV which is based out of Germany and does solar testing a certification.

Underwriters Laboratories is mostly involved in safety, making sure that the products don’t catch fire or cause other dangerous conditions. They monitor products after certification for long-term problems and everything should carry their label.

The TUV is more involved in testing efficiencies, degradation, and other specifications as well as safety. They retest and adjust their ratings over longer periods and they’re rigorous and demanding. Since they’re based in Germany, and Germany has lots of solar installed, they carry a lot of weight in the industry.

The Clean Energy Council deals with false claims and can levy fines among members. They also maintain a website that monitors the behavior of many solar companies so it’s an excellent place to check up on any company in the business.

When Choosing The Solar Inverter There Are Some Considerations

There are a lot of solar inverters on the market and they tend to blend together making it difficult to choose one for your project. Most installers agree that you should opt for what is considered a “premium quality” inverter. This would most of the time be one that is manufactured in Europe rather than Asia at this time.

One of the best is the Italian made Aurora Solar inverter that is now called the ABB Aurora Inverter. If you talk to installers and ask their preferred choice in inverters many will choose the ABB Aurora. It is in line with two other super high-quality inverters but has a lower price point.

Although the last thing you want to do is pick an inverter by price, in this case, it’s only slightly less and still maintains the quality. The ABB also comes in the most variety of ranges that can meet nearly any requirement you might have as a customer. They go all the way from a small 2kW inverter of the PVI series all the way up to the TRIO-8.5 just in the single phase varieties.

The ABB Aurora is one of the most lightweight and sleek looking inverters on the market. It’s well known to be able to handle far more power than its rated capacity so sometimes it helps on your feed in tariff.

We would recommend a SMA inverter over an ABB.


Whilst ABB inverters are known, you would be best to go with an SMA or Fronius inverter – Just too many failures!

What Ever You Do, Don’t Go For The Cheapest Brand

While the ABB has quite a few failures amongst it’s solar inverters, they are a well-established electrical company that will be around to hand you a new ABB inverter when it is time for replacement under warranty.

When it comes to inverters it’s important to skip over the cheap imported brands from the Asian manufacturers. This may change in the future, but right now they have a high return rate right out of the box. You should also be aware that the most expensive inverter isn’t always the best either.

You need to do an online search with the model number of the inverter you’re considering and read some of the online reviews. Look for those that had problems and carefully read whether or not they might have been caused by the customer, or if it was just poor quality workmanship.

When it comes time to buy your inverter you should definitely do your homework. Read the online reviews and take the appropriate action. Don’t assume the highest price is best, and stay away from the lowest priced junk that’s coming from Asia at this particular time.

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