Brisbane Solar Landscape – July 2013

The rush for completing solar installations in Brisbane, for those house holders that had qualified for the previously available 44 cents per kilowatt hour feed tariff is now over. Many Brisbane solar installers reported very hectic times as June 30 2013 approached, with prospective solar customers wanting their installation completed by this date.

With the current Queensland 8 cent per kilowatt hour feed tariff, many of the installers are expecting quieter times, certainly for the next 2 months. This could represent an opportunity for people looking to get solar installed in Brisbane. The quiet market will probably mean increasingly competitive pricing on offer for solar in Brisbane – however we (as ever) caution against buying solar on price alone. The formula of buying quality brand solar panels, solar inverter and ensuring that quality is matched by the installation and having reasonable confidence of long term support – both from the installation company AND the warranties offered on the panels and inverters are the minimum in our view, to buying the ‘right’ solar system.

Australia Dollar decline – Impact On Solar System Pricing?

As of today, 3 July 2013 the Australian dollar is buying a relatively meagre US$0.906=A$1.00 – quite a size-able decline from the US$1.06 levels we were seeing just a few months ago. This will eventually impact of solar panel and inverter pricing, though more likely in 2-3 months as local stocks need replenishing from overseas. On the other side of the solar pricing equation, we are likely to continue to see extremely low prices promoted by many of the Chinese panel manufacturers as the global market for solar remains very flat and the impacts of punitive E.U. tariffs hit.