Brisbane solar system – what Size system do I need?

Brisbane Solar System Sizing

In this article, we are going to look at Brisbane solar system sizing to get the maximum savings

possible from your solar panels system. We will look at how much power solar panels in Brisbane

produce, some of the better solar panels in Brisbane, energy use and how to match this to solar

system output.

Solar Panels Brisbane Production

A Brisbane solar system can produce as much as 4.2 x as much energy as what its power rating says.

So a 5kW system could produce as much as 21kWh on average across a year. Naturally on Sunny,

cool days you’ll get lots of power. On cloudy days you won’t get much. On hot summer days you’ll

get quite a lot (although heat reduces solar panel output slightly).

How much do solar panels produce in Brisbane?

Here is a list of Brisbane solar system sizes as well as their output energy for 1 year:

Brisbane Solar System Size Energy Output (1 Year)


1.5kW Brisbane Solar System 2,300kWh

2kW Brisbane Solar System 3,066kWh

3kW Brisbane Solar System 4,600kWh

4kW Brisbane Solar System 6,132kWh

5kW Brisbane Solar System 7,665kWh

6kW Brisbane Solar System 9,200kWh

Best Brisbane Solar System Panels

What are the best solar panels in Brisbane? There are lots of good panels on the market. There are

also lots of dud panels with warranties as valuable as the paper they’re written on! So how can you

be sure that your Brisbane home gets high quality solar panels? You can’t! But here’s a good start:

Highly reputable solar panel brands:

Jinko solar panels

– Trina solar panels

– Hanwha Q-Cells solar panels

Brisbane Energy Use

Brisbane energy use usually peaks in the summer months. Air-cons get a work out and solar systems

are relied on to avoid “bill-shock”. The best thing about Brisbane solar systems is that they cover you

during the middle of the day for energy use. And Brisbane, being the sunny, hot city we love, needs

just that. So when you’re blasting the AC on a hot day and get the spare fridge running downstairs,

you can be thankful that a GOOD solar system will do its job and prevent your bill getting too out of


Sizing your Brisbane solar system

To get the most out of your solar system, you should pick the right size. If you get a few solar quotes

you’ll soon find out it can be a confusing thing to get right! Too big a system means you send a lot of

energy to the grid for not much return. Too small and you’re not covered for those heat-wave days!

Here’s a good “rule-of-thumb” formula for solar system sizing:

(Your power bill)/100 – rounded up to the nearest whole number

So if you pay $450 a month on power, get a 5kW system and so on.

Other “rule-of-thumb”: If you want batteries some time soon, get at least 1.5 x the above

calculation. So if you got 5kW from the above, make it 5 x 1.5 = 7.5kW of solar. The panels are the

cheap part of your system remember!

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