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Euro Solar reviews Brisbane

Euro Solar Reviews for Solar power Installation

Did you know that EuroSolar is considered to be one of the dodgiest solar installers in Australia if you take into the fact how many times they have been in trouble with the ACCC and fraudulent activities they have gotten themselves into.


First we can start with the fact that these guys were trying to sell one of the cheapest solar panels in Australia as ‘Australian made’ – ACCC soon swooped on EuroSolar and punished them for this, but not before they fleeced thousands of good Aussies into buying their cheap crap. APS Panels were never made in Australia

Euro Solar reviews

Not looking Pretty

Euro Solar constantly are getting into trouble time-and-time again. Eurosolar have been in trouble as recently as August 2017. The poor, but unfortunately unpredictable behaviour of this company seems to have no shame in their professional conduct.


Euro Solar offers many benefits as an installer, but breaking down the resounding criticisms we hear from homeowners directly will give you the full picture. It’s common speak that reviews of Euro Solar are some of the harshest testimonies you’ll find on Yelp, but the ultimate question to unpack here is what are the consistent issues that drive this company’s customers to a state of keyboard frenzy? But every customer had a reason to give the negative review. No one would come out of the blues and start giving negative review.
High pressure salesman: “a barrage of phone calls”

One of the most decisive and prominent criticisms that we hear about Euro Solar revolves around their sales process. The company is founded on a “sign at all costs” mentality when it comes to finding homeowners who are unsure about going solar. The company’s focus on growth has led to a door-to-door canvassing operation driven by high stakes quotas and a telemarketing team that uses auto dialers programmed to get an answer with no cap on call attempts. The consequences of their strategy have been dire for the company’s reputation.
Homeowners frequently describe Euro Solar salesforce as “pushy”, “relentless” and “harassing” with numerous cases of people who described the experience as “a barrage of phone calls.”
Poor customer service

is Euro Solar a scam?

As with any rapidly growing large company, Euro Solar faces regular criticism about its customer support team. The common thread in these homeowner complaints is that Euro Solar representatives seem undereducated on solar terminology, manufacturers, equipment and financing options. A homeowner who considered Euro Solar this past summer recounted how his customer representative only talked about Tesla Motors and the company’s plan to acquire Euro Solar. The homeowner said it appeared the rep had been told to use the Tesla merger as a key selling point, but had no answers when the homeowner asked questions specific to their solar panel installation.
Manipulation: “is Euro Solar a scam?”

In addition to confusion around the cost and logistics of solar, the high-pressure sales tactics Euro Solar salespeople use can also lead to doubt and skepticism from homeowners who feel they are being manipulated or taken advantage of. Suspicious offers such as the marketing gimmick “free solar panels from the government” often lead homeowners to ask our support team, “is Euro Solar a scam?” or “should I trust Euro Solar?”

Euro Solar reviews Brisbane

Euro Solar has many complaints in its reviews

One cause for this “scam” assumption are the audacious promises made by sales reps that are impossible for installers to follow through on. For example, homeowners often report that Euro Solar promised total solar panel output (meaning that their panels will totally cover their electricity demands each month). However, the reality of solar panel technology is that there’s a level of variation with any system that makes that type of guarantee an impossible one to make.

Euro Solar – Australia’s Largest Company

To get some insight from the inside perspective, check out a testimony from a former Euro Solar prospects who were frustrated with the company overall experience. Yet this is the Australia’s largest solar company… Solar companies could all be big if they were conducting themselves like this.

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  1. This is all so true, we contracted Eurosolar to install a 6.0kw system after a high pressure sell, but when it came to the install that’s when problems started. The night before the installers (Solartricity) were to arrive we got a text saying pay up now or the Panels wont be installed. Of course we didn’t do this due to their dodgie back ground. The installers turned up on time had a quick look and said we want $500 more for the install. Then called Eurosolar, and left never to be heard from again. Numerous calls to Eurosolar (Indian call centre) and a visit to their warehouse in Brisbane have got us no where. Zero back up support, no return calls or emails. Stay away from this dodgie outfit and don’t pay the money up prior to the install. Months later we are still waiting, deposit paid, and nothing in return. Hope ACCC and ATO shut this Indian outfit down.

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