Location Of Solar Panels In Brisbane Residences – More Options Than You Think!

Solar Panel Installation In Locations Other Than The Roof

Walking around Brisbane streets these days, you will see close to ten percent of roofs with solar panels installed. This is beneficial for the home owners, in terms of reduction of their power utilities bill and for the environment – the ‘average’ 3 Kilo watt solar system reduced CO2 emissions by around 4.6 tonnes per yer – a huge figure.

You may be in the situation of not being able to mount solar panels on your roof because:

  • You have a large solar hot water system taking up a significant amount of roof space.
  • The structural integrity of the roof does not support adding solar panels
  • The orientation of the roof is not suitable for solar installation – ideally a northerly aspect is ideal for solar. In some instances, for example with the current low Queensland feed in tariff, some Brisbane solar installation companies are suggesting that the solar panels be oriented in a Westerly direction if the households energy usage suggests that peak electricity consumption is in the afternoon (for example, families with school age children may exhibit this power usage pattern – the children play sound equipment, computer games, watch t.v. etc on coming home from school in the afternoon). By having a westerly oriented solar array the panels will capture more of the afternoon sunlight, producing power when it is needed within the home and not exported it to the power grid for a minimal dollar return (due to the low feed tariff).

Other Mounting Options For Solar Panels In Brisbane

Ok, so you cannot locate the panels on your roof. So what are the other options that may be available to you if you would like to install solar? Here we list a few of the more common alternatives:

  1. On an out house, large shed or workshop roof. Many residences in Brisbane, particularly in the suburbs like Rocklea, Archerfield, Kenmore etc are situated on relatively large blocks of land with workshops and outhouses on them. The roofs of these buildings can lend themselves well to installation of solar panels if the orientation and strength of the roofs is suitable. The distance from those buildings to your homes power board (and meter box) can be an issue though as potential ‘losses’ of power from the solar panels to the inverter can happen is the span of connecting cable is too long.
  2. Ground Mounted Solar. It is possible to mount solar panels on ground based racking systems that orient and tilt the panels in the correct direction. This mounting method needs to ensure minimal shading onto the panels.

    Ground Mounted Solar Panels

    Ground Mounted Solar Panels