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MC Electrical reviews – Unhappy Solar Power Customers


Have you been considering to use MC solar and electrical for your solar power installation in Brisbane?


Whilst they appear to have many good reviews with many satisfied customers, we must not overlook what the unsatisfied customers have to say in regards to their MC solar and electrical experience. We will try to get an understanding of why they have left such poor reviews of MC solar and electrical online. Clearly these solar power customers are left unhappy with their solar power installation by MC solar.

Mark Cavanagh says he is the proud owner of MC solar and electrical in Brisbane. However, from the reviews we have read, there is little to be proud of in the way some customers have been treated.

We find it highly outrageous that MC solar has offered to install solar systems on customers houses for an agreed price, not explain to them about the consequences if the value of the STC’s drop, and expect the customer to pay $1300 more to get their installation on the date as promised.

MC Electrical Brisbane complaints

This practice is highly disturbing, as the customer is not aware of how STC’s operate, and also comes as a massive surprise to them. Imagine being told one morning out of the blue that ‘we can install the solar for you as promised but Sir we just need another $1300’

mc solar and electrical reviews

Craig got stiffed with the extra $600 charge too.


This customer knew nothing about how STC’s work, wasn’t informed on MC Solar and Electrical’s policy on the matter and just got hit with this 1 week before install, but after waiting for a whole month. We can definitely see how the customer feels so annoyed, frustrated and cheated.

Any other solar company takes the hit themselves when this type of thing happens. Most people just can’t bring themselves to ask for an extra $1300, when they hadn’t warned the customer beforehand, but you could think the profit margins are so thin at MC Solar and Electrical that they need to do this to keep themselves afloat. Whatever the case, this has proved to backfire hard on MC Solar and resulted in news of this unscrupulous business-customer relationship going public and for the entire industry to pry into what really appears to be shonky business tactics… But times are tough, and I suppose you gotta do what you gotta do.

MC Electrical – Poor Solar workmanship

So we have already established that they could possibly be strapped for cash or just plain greedy, as any other solar power outfit in Australia with good moral judgement and ethics ‘take the hit’ when it comes to STC prices, that maybe perhaps they skimp on install cost too?

Mc electrical reviewsNeil isn’t too happy with his experience with MC Electrical and hence has left Mc Solar and Electrical a poor review.

How’s the company’s form when they won’t do anything about wrecking the poor blokes roof until it appears 100 emails have exchanged. How exhausting!

MC Solar and Electrical
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