Queensland 44 Cent Feed In Tariff – 30 June 2013 Deadline Approaching

If you are one of the ‘fortunate’ Brisbane homeowners to have registered for the previously available 44 cent feed tariff (Ie: you lodged your network connection application with an electricity distributor before midnight 9 July 2012) then it is important to remember that you only have until 30 June 2013 – only 7 weeks away, to have your system installed and registered. Full details at http://www.cleanenergy.qld.gov.au/demand-side/solar-bonus-scheme.htm

The 44 cent tariff is hugely beneficial for solar panels system owners in Brisbane in that the ‘surplus’ power their system produces and is Queensland 44 Cent Feed In Tariff – 30 June 2013 Deadline Approachingsent back onto the Qld. grid, attracts this very high rate – 44c/Kwh, meaning:

  1. You ‘pay back’ your solar system considerably faster – assuming (and this is important), that you are ‘exporting’ power from your system and not consuming all the generated electricity in your home.
  2. The ‘effective r.o.i. can be over 18 percent per year – a rate way higher than any you will get in the stick market and from current bank yields etc. Again, this is dependent on your system size, percentage of power exported versus used in hour house etc.

Conclusion – If you have qualified for this rebate, you are well advised not to let this opportunity to maximise your return from solar power pass you by! The current Queensland feed in tariff is now only 8 cents per kilowatt hour.