Queensland Solar Feed In Tariff

The previous Queensland Government ‘Solar Bonus Scheme‘ offered an 8 cents / Kwh feed  in tariff. This ended 1 July 2014.

There is currently no South East Queensland Government feed in tariff paid, however most of the major energy retailers offer a solar feed in tariff ranging from around 6 cents / Kwh to 10 cents / Kwh. Check with your retailer to confirm the available feed in tariff and what conditions apply to qualify for that tariff. As these feed in tariff rates are significantly less than the current cost of grid supplied electricity it is beneficial to use as much of the solar electricity you generate from your solar system as possible. This can entail, for example, ensuring that you use your electrical appliances (dishwashers, swimming pool pumps, washing machine, clothes dryers etc) during the daytime when your solat system is producing electricity.