REC Solar Panels Review

An Honest Review Of REC Solar Panels And Their Industry Leading Durability

After much discussion and delay, most world governments have agreed that greenhouse gasses being released into the atmosphere are a bad thing and we all need to work together to reduce their use going forward. That’s easier said than done because, until lately, renewable energy has been quite a bit more expensive. However, now that prices have plummeted, and governments are offering subsidies, solar and wind are now more affordable than ever. One of the problems with the industry is that nearly all of the manufacturers are fairly new, plus prices are falling, profits are thin, and knowledge is in short supply.

Rec Solar panels review brisbane

REC Solar Panels, now getting cheaper

REC SOLAR PANELS have dropped their price substantially in 2016 so there has been re-newed interest in REC Solar panels. They are now a cheaper Tier 1 solar panel – We have no idea why this is.


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REC Monitors Performance In Real Time To Improve Quality

The company has many large commercial installations that have real-time monitoring for quality and performance. The data is constantly reviewed and analyzed to help improve the next generation of panels and further increase durability and longevity.


Due To Green Manufacturing, The Carbon Footprint Is Low

When REC Solar manufactures their panels every effort is made to reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses. At the present time, the carbon footprint of each panel is about 1 year. This means that at the end of one year, it will have paid back all of the carbondioxide that was emitted during manufacturing. This is an incredible industry leading example of what needs to be done to save the planet.

Solar panels carry a warranty of 25 years of performance, meaning that they’ll produce at least 80% or more of their stated power for 25 years. This, of course,is a minimum and the panels are built to outperform this statistic by a good margin.

If you’re considering adding a solar system to your home in the near future, you can’t go wrong with REC solar panels. If you do decide on another manufacturer, you should at least make sure they meet the same rigorous standards that REC has set for themselves and the industry.

Solar Energy Is As Close To Free As You Can Get

Once you’ve purchased your own home solar system the cost of running it is nearly free. The sun provides all of the fuel and the panels convert that to electricity. Most installations aren’t using batteries yet because they’re too expensive, so the electrical grid will end up being the battery instead.

When the sun is out, most solar systems will be producing much more power than the homeowner needs, so power will flow back into the grid to earn credits for when it’s dark out or the clouds roll in. Most utility companies are paying full retail for the power they receive, some are paying wholesale, and then there are a few that refuse to buy from solar-equipped homeowners.

As time goes on, and more people install solar, the paradigm may eventually shift to where the utility companies sole purpose will be to buy the extra power and sell it to manufacturing companies that use so much they can’t generate their own. If not, many utility companies will cease to exist as they are today.

Grid Parity Is Either Here Or Near

Depending on where you live, which direction your roof faces, the rate your utility charges, how many subsidies you can get and a few other factors, grid parity is very close. Parity is the point where the cost of a rooftop solar system is equal to the price of retail electricity at your meter. Since the technology of solar is still being developed and the economy of scale hasn’t finished yet, prices have continued to fall rapidly.

If you have a solar company representative come to your house and make an assessment of your location and use, you’ll know better where you stand in relation to grid parity. Even if you’re right at parity, once your panels have paid for themselves in energy generation, they’ll still work and you’ll be getting your power for free from then on.

For most homes in sunny climates there is still plenty of roof space left when the system is installe. Then,at a later time more panels, that cost less, and are more efficient, can be installed so that more income can be generated from the sale of electricity back into the grid.

Not All Solar Panels Are Created Equal, You Should Do Research

In order for you to compare an excellent company to the rest, let’s take a look at REC Solar Panels and what they offer their customers. These are not bargain basement solar panels of low quality and performance, but instead, what you should be looking for to install on your home.

Some of the low-quality import panels have problems with not meeting their own efficiency ratings when installed. REC solar, on the other hand, is renowned for producing only the highest quality in the industry. They are the largest brand in Europe and have been in business since 1996, which is a comparatively long time in solar.

They have more than 20 million solar panels already installed in some of the most demanding locations throughout Europe and the world. They pride themselves on having testing that is over twice as demanding than the industry standards which has resulted in a more reliable product for the long term under some of the most extreme conditions.

REC solar panels are tested for resistance to heavy loads, large hail, heavy rain, persistent rain and high temperatures as well. They also boast some of the lowest long term power loss statistics in the industry due to degradation. Degradation is the amount of percentage loss that one would expect over 10 to 25 years on a rooftop. You don’t want your panels to be worthless just when they’ve paid for themselves, you want your free bonus years of electricity that you deserve.

REC has the lowest return claims rate of the industry. This means that out of an average of 4 million panels sold each year, only .01% are returned as defective. They exchange the rare defective panels with their hassle free, no questions asked warranty process setting the standard for other companies to follow.

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