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What You Have To Know About ReneSola Panels


Introduction to ReneSola Panels

Renesola was first founded in 2005, as a silicon wafer production company by the name Zhejian Yuhui Solar Energy Source Company. It was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 2008 and it currently supplies solar wafers to a number of the world’s top solar panel manufactures.
Renesola is a 9500 employee company that produces everything from silicon, through to the finished product which is the solar panel. It has an international profile and has its headquarters and production lines situated in China, but a lot of commercial and marketing offices around the globe. A good example is in Australia, and it increases the convenience of customers finding a dedicated office for provision of technical services and warranty support, in Melbourne.
Renesola is among the biggest solar panel manufacturers in the world and it produces a number of products like monocrystalline, polycrystalline and quasi-monocrystalline solar panels, with a power range of about 185 to 310 Wp, that are quite affordable and suitable for both commercial and residential applications. Renesola also has a line of microinverters. Its solar PV modules i.e 250W modules are; Virtus II polycrystalline with a silver frame and the Virtus II polycrystalline that has a black frame.
Renesola solar panels: Points difference
• These solar panels are affordable and bankable like Bloomberg New Energy Finance and Accelios Solar, respectively.
• The modules also safe from potential-induced degradation (PID), which is an occurrence that results in power loss and leakages in solar panels.
• Renesola solar panels operate better in high-temperature conditions because of their low temperature coefficients.
• All their modules work better in light settings, resulting in a larger yield in the homes in the long run, compared to Tier 2 and 3 models.
• The panels also endure well in terms of performance, during their long operating life phase due to low light induced degradation.
• Renesola panels have been verified for desert conditions and are therefore sand and dust resistant.
• After shipping for fine fractures and errors in solar cells, each solar module is electroluminescence tested.
• The modules are also tested for salt-mine and ammonia corrosion tests for compliancy, and Rensola is publicly listed on the New York Stock Exchange (SOL).

Renesola Virtus II 260W Module

The 260W Virtus solar panel module from Renesola is a clever combination of efficiency and high quality of Monocrystalline modules incorporating the lower cost of Multicrystalline modules. Renesola’s ingot technology increases the uniformity of the grain size and their ideal alignment. This results in both a lesser dislocation density and a greater minor-carrier lifetime. The eventual outcome is a cell efficiency that is significantly increased and a panel that continues to produce output at high levels of solar power over the operating life of the solar panel.
It has an organized and innovative DDs production process which is rated A++, for the Virtus Wafer, and it ensures very few defects compared to the predictable multicrystalline wafers of silicon. This characteristic of Virtus II enables it to achieve about a four percent greater output, while maintaining the same CTM and LID loss.
Main features
1. It has a great module efficiency conversion.
2. It relatively easy to install and handle for a range of various applications.
3. It possesses a mechanical load capacity of a maximum of 5400 Pa.
4. The Virtus II conforms to IEC 61730:2004, IEC 61215:2005 and UL 1703 PV Standards.
5. Virtus II module is ISO9001, OHSAS18001, ISO14001 Certified.
6. It has application Class A, Safety Class II, Fire Rating C.

General Specifications
• Wattage: 250
• Dimensions: 1640*992*40 millimetres (64.57*39.06*1.57 inches). (6*10) cells per panel.
• Warranty information: ten year material warranty and workmanship warranty; twenty five year power output warranty.
• Power tolerance of 260-265W panels ( positive sorting up to 5W)
• 16 percent panel efficiency
• Weight of 18.5 kilograms.
• Consistent and steady supply of raw materials
• Microcrack-proof packaging patent.
• Obtained multiple internationally recognized certifications
• Conversion efficiencies of a high module

Other products by Renesola
String inverters: SOlarMax
Renesola distributes for Swiss-made SolarMax, which is an Australian company that deals with string inverters.
Microinverters: Micro Replus
Microinverters provide significant potential profits to owners of solar systems as compared to conservative and integrated inverters. Renesola produces its own 250W microinverters together with a gateaway interface (PDF) that permits the owners of the solar system, the installers and manufacturers to observe and control the performance of the system from practically anywhere.
String inverters: replus
Renesola also has plans to present a variety of transformeless string inverters into the Australian market and the replus chain is obtainable in the most common sizes for domestic and small-scale solar systems of 3 kilowatt, 4 kilowatt and 5 kilowatt.
Roof racking systems
Racking solution have now been made available for:
• Tile roofs
• Pitched tin roofs
• Flat tin roofs

Small energy storage system (SESS)
Renesola also has plans to present a series of small scale energy supervision and storage solutions into the Australian market. This will include both the SESS1000 AND SESS2000 that have a storage size of 2.5 Kilowatt hour. These two items have a rated power output of 1000 watts and 2000 watts, respectively.

Conclusion; are Renesola solar panels worth purchasing?

Despite all the advantages associated with Renesola solar panels, there are a few general limitations. Solar power cannot be created at night hours and power output is also greatly reduced during cloudy days. Solar panel energy output is maximum when the panel directly faces the sun, so panels in fixed locations experience a reduction in energy production.
Even the most effective solar cells convert only about twenty percent of the sun’s rays to energy output in the form of electricity. With continuous advancements in solar cell technology this is likely to change with an increase.

However, Renesola solar panels have a great conversion efficiency and are thus a great investment. They also require little maintenance during their lifetime, and are very reliable. This is because they actively create adequate electricity for your house and will not require any mechanical parts, which could fail at unexpected times. Despite the initial costs incurred when purchasing and installing them, renesola panels create free energy that is a green (renewable) source of energy, are sustainable for consumption and more importantly, an environmentally friendly option especially for the eco-conscious users.

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  1. ReneSola Virtues II soalr panels were installed on my roof. All panels got cracks in them. The Green Initiatives Solar Installer in Gold Coast closed there business and ReneSola Australia website is taken down too so I am not able to contact anyone for warranty.
    I have first hand experience as a consumer of the product, I will highly recommend not to go with these solar panels.

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