Review Of How Solar Panels Systems Are Being Marketed in Brisbane – May 2013

One of the primary aims of this website is to reinforce the need for potential Brisbane solar customers to take a careful and considered view when investing in a solar system for their home. As the market place in Brisbane is extremely competitive and the uptake of solar in Buyer beware - Caution when buying solar power systems in Brisbane Queensland has slowed since the cut in the 44 cent per kilo watt hour feed in tariff (though remember if you qualified for it , the June 30 2013 deadline is fast approaching), some Brisbane solar panel installation companies are sometimes using ‘creative’ advertising copy to try and entice prospective solar customers to make an enquiry. Looking at online advertising in mid May 2013 we see examples like;

  1. 36 months ‘no interest’ period
  2. Buy your solar power system for $15.98 per week
  3. German Inverter, Quality Panels
  4. Save up to 70%
  5. Cheapest and Best solar system in Brisbane
  6. Highest Efficiency Solar Panels
  7. Get 4 free 200 watt panels – May only

Get the idea? It is probably best to fully research these advertisements and not to be swayed by seemingly ‘great solar deals’. The old adage if it seems to good to be true, it probably is too good to be true ‘ holds for solar like any other product or service you are looking to procure. We suggest:

  • Do your research
  • Understand how solar power will benefit your individual circumstances
  • Look at solar panels as a long term investment
  • Get all quotes / payback periods / warranties / energy production estimates / savings on power bill forecasts / number of years expected to pay off your system / brand and model number of solar panels, inverters, rack system and balance of system / etc – in writing
  • do not be pressured to sign on the dotted line!
  • Appreciated that a solar system is a long term investment and so saving $1000 ‘upfront’ may prove to be a long term false economy if inferior quality solar components fail or is the quality of the installation is sub-standard etc.