Seraphim Solar Panel Review

Factors To Consider When Buying Solar Panels And A Seraphim Solar Panel Review

Most scientists and world leaders now agree that we cannot continue to pollute our planet with greenhouse gasses and survive as a race. Additionally, there are noted futurists that have predicted that in just 7 more years solar and wind power will be the only new power sources installed because of their low prices, clean energy footprints, and ease of use. There are plenty of considerations if you’re planning on installing your own solar power system, let’s examine a few of those now.

seraphim solar systems review

seraphim solar systems review

The Beauty Of Solar Power Is The Fuel Is Free

With all fossil fuel power plants, even after you’ve built the plant, you still have to continue to pour fuel of some type into it to produce power. These power plants aren’t cheap by any means, then running them costs even more on a daily basis.

On the other hand, if you invest in a solar or wind system, once you’ve purchased and installed it, the fuel that it runs on is free, provided by nature. There is enough sun hitting the earth to power all of mankind indefinitely and the same for wind as well.

Since the ongoing charges for a solar system are so little and the systems are made to last for so long, then it’s imperative to make a well thought out decision when it comes time to purchase. Your solar panels should continue to produce power for more than 30 years so it’s not a decision that should be done lightly.

The Most Difficult Part Of The Installation Is The Rooftop Panels

Some of the parts to a solar system are inside your home and easy to replace quickly and easily, like the power inverter. Other parts are high up on your roof installed in metal frames pointed at the sun and screwed securely to your roof. Your solar panels need to be of the highest quality as they are the most expensive and hardest to replace parts of the system.

There are a bunch of factors to consider when you start to compare panels. They’ll need to have a long product warranty in addition to a longer performance warranty. The first protects the buyer from defects in workmanship and the latter is how long the panels will continue to produce power and how much.

For the most part, the panels will be defect free, and if they last one year, they last 25 or 30. The second warranty comes into play in 20 to 25 years when your panels are producing slightly less power, but brand new ones will be far better and cheaper at the same time. You’ll still want the option to add more panels while keeping your older panels producing as long as possible at the same time.

A Review Of Seraphim Solar Panels To Compare

As mentioned before, a long warranty is important to ensure your panels last long enough for you to gain all of the benefits you’re entitled to. You’ll note that the Seraphim Solar Panels come with a material and workmanship warranty of 10 years which should weed out any defective panels or dead cells that you might have.

Then, there is a 12-year warranty that the panels will continue to produce at least 90% of their rated power output, which is quite good, you should note that is a minimum. Then there is a 25-year warranty that the panels will continue to produce at an 80% level versus new. This is also quite good, and you’ll be quite happy in 25 years with your free electricity.

The frames of the Seraphim Solar Panels are made from anodized electrophoretic aluminum that is made to last at least 30 years in the elements you would encounter on a rooftop. Any iron, steel, tin or other materials would need to be replaced at about 10-year intervals by professional installers so this would be an expense to be avoided by opting for the higher quality metals.

The TUV, UL, And CEC Certifications Are All Important

First, the Underwriters Laboratory (UL Listing) is primarily a safety testing organization that tests products to see that they safely meet the manufacturer’s specifications, both at the time of purchase and for years to come. This should be on every solar panel you consider buying no matter what.

The TUV certification is a German safety standard that also includes compliance with German Safety Law. When it comes to solar products the Germans have some of the longest installed times in the industry, so their safety rating is highly important. They continue to inspect products even after they’ve already passed the certification to make sure the specifications continue to be met.

The Clean Energy Council (CEC) certification is another very important protection as any fraudulent claims that a solar panel manufacturer makes can be investigated and then a fine levied. They have a website where buyers can visit and look up information to investigate claims and past histories of solar companies. Seraphim Solar Panels is a member of UL, CEC, and TUV, all in good standing.

You Should Choose The Highest Efficiency That You Can

While a small, 0.7%, efficiency difference might not seem all that significant, it can make a huge difference over a period of 25 years. It’s also important to note that a higher efficiency rating means that you’ll need fewer panels to get the same amount of power. Fewer panels means fewer frames and supports, fewer connectors, less wiring, and less installation labor, which can all add up in the installation costs involved.

You should go online and read as many customer reviews as you can to help you decide. There is nothing like hearing actual experiences from people that own the products you’re considering purchasing. Plus they may have valuable tips to save you money and improve your performance that you may not have factored in.

If you’re in the market for a solar system it pays to do your research and know all that you can. It’s a fairly new industry that’s changing rapidly and there is a lot to learn. Either way, if you buy a system you’ll be saving money, helping reduce greenhouse gasses, and ending the utility’s stranglehold on the entire planet as well.

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