SMA Inverter Review

The SMA Inverter Reviewed

SMA Inverters are recognized worldwide for being one on the best in the solar energy field. It is hard not to overlook the fact that this German Inverter company has been in business since 1981 and is well known for producing reliable and efficient solar panels.

These attractive and brightly-colored boxes, compared to other dull options in the solar industry have been able to prove year-after-year that they really are able to “stand the test of time.” SMA Inverters are popular among a host of solar enthusiasts across the globe.

All the SMA Inverter feature Remote monitoring, Bluetooth monitoring as well as detailed information on the solar harvest, that can please even the biggest of the solar geeks or freaks out there.

Despite the fact the Chinese inverters feature wireless-monitoring characteristics and cost far less, they do not offer the same reliability features on offer with the SMA Inverters.

sma inverters in brisbane

Such a great range of quality solar inverters – but in 2016, are they getting old and stale?


While the majority of the SMA Inverters all have an impressive and reputable track record in relation to reliability, some do fail and they are not exempt from failure. Although many of the SMA fans or salesmen will typically tell another story.

However, when it comes to the performance rating of the SMA Inverters, they can be seen with many of the top-rated performing system. It therefore comes as no surprise in regards to the majority of systems that are able to put-out high Kilowatt’s will have a SMA inverter that is included into the DNA of a system. There is a saying that rings very true when it comes to the solar inverters that involve: “you get what you pay for.”

What Are SMA Inverters Worth?

The price of the SMA Inverters is related to what quality costs. Consumers can choose to purchase a Chinese inverter at a fraction of the cost, but in many cases the reliability of these inverters are not great. One of these examples would have to be the JFY Inverter, where consumers find it very hard task to get into contact with the after-sales as well as service departments. For a hassle free and excellent customer service it is really advisable to put in a little extra money for total peace of mind when it comes to solar panels.

To many SMA Inverters are regarded as the top of the range, while many of the competitors like ABB try to match up and really come truly short. Many say that the best type of inverter that money-can-buy would be the German Manufactured and Designed SMA Sunboy or the SMA Tripower when you happen to have a three phase. Even though the SMA Inverters are more expensive than many of their counterparts, no person has ever regretted the decision of investing in one.

Many home owners now enjoy these inverters as the main part of their properties solar system.
The SMA Inverter has been described as the “heart” of any of the solar-power systems and the SMA Sunny Boy is even more. Germans have a very good reputation for being excellent creators of many different products. For example, the German cars, many of which are the envy to the majority of the auto-industry worldwide. However, many consumers are asking whether there really is difference between many of the Chinese Inverters compared to the SMA Sunny Boy and the most important question would be are they really worth the price of $1,000 to $1,500.

About The Standard Inverters

The actual function related to solar inverters is that they are able to convert the energy produced in the solar panels and make this energy work through power outlets in and around the home. This process should be conducted with as little loss of power as possible. This is the basic part of an inverters function, below are some other functions related to solar inverters:

•Track the MPP for each solar panel

•Take around two separate strings that will allow for additional power

•Maintain a steady-output for power

•Monitoring of the solar-power

There are other inverters that can be perform these functions such as the JFY, Samil or Growatt Inverters. However, these models don’t always come with all the added features like the SMA models. Below is some information as to why the SMA Sunny Boy inverters are regarded as better than “standard” types.

The Sunny Boy 5kW

sma inverters in brisbane

The old trustworthy SMA 5000 – Such a good inverter, but is it still the best?

SMA really does think about everything and their engineers really know about inverter tech and solar power better than many others. They have dealt with every single possibility of what can go wrong and incorporated this into all their designs. Below are a few features relating to the SMA Sunny Boy 5kW:

•Bluetooth monitoring

•Intuitive display

•Neat display

•Sleek design

•Reactive power-control

•Easy option to add in more batteries

•Extremely low failure-rate

•Excellent warranty-service

Many say that this particular model out does many of its competitors. When looking for inverters and power supply there are 3 important factors to remember:




SMA has managed to go far beyond with their range of Sunny Boy inverters and many believe they will continue to produce and manufacturer top rated products well into the future. One of the common SMA inverters that are currently in use in Australia would be the SB5000TL-21 which features a host of solar-monitoring choices.

When it comes to the SMA range, particularly the Sunny Boy, there are very few flaws. The one down fall on the SMA inverters would be that they do not feature a remote-control option. You can however access the units using Bluetooth but not many people actually use Bluetooth.

The SMA range really does provide the best source of solar power available on the markets today. However, they do not offer cheap and easy monitoring, they do have many monitoring-solutions for those that are prepared to part with the cash. Many past consumers have suggested that they have not regretted their decision to have an SMA inverter installed in their homes due to the reliability, efficient service and excellent power supply.

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