Solar Panels System Cost – August 2013

Current pricing of solar systems being offered around Brisbane by various solar installation companies varies enormously depending on:

  • the quality of the inverters offered, from  lower quality Chinese inverter to tried and tested inverters like SMA
  • the quality of the solar panels offered (most solar companies in Brisbane will offer more than one brand of panel depending on the customers needs and budget). Quality panels (in our opinion) would include the like of: Sunpower, Sanyo and Kyocera at the ‘high end’ of the market to Q-Cells and Trina at the lower end (in terms of pricing)
  • installation costs, company overheads, cost of sales, profit margin applied etc

Besides pricing – when weighing up different solar offers, issues of long term support for both the installation of the solar system and the warranty and technical back up of the panels and inverter are very important issues to keep in mind and ask prospective installers about.

Keeping all the above in mid, what kind of pricing is being offered in Brisbane in August 2013 for the ‘standard’ size systems. Here is what we found:

Small Systems 1.5 KWatt and 2 KWatt

1.5Kwatt systems being offered from as low as $1850 to more than $3,000

2.0 KWatt systems on offer from $2450 to more than $3600

Medium Size 3 Kwatt Systems

With a now low feed in tariff operating in Queensland, many homeowners are buying solar to offset their daytime electricity usage, as opposed to when the former 44 cent feed tariff was available where it made a lot of sense (in terms of return on investment) to send as much of the solar power produced by the panels back to the grid in order to receive the benefit of the high feed in tariff. A 3 KWatt produces roughly 12 KWh of energy per day which in many instances matches the households daytime electricity usage (obviously this varies from household to household), so 3KWatt (and 4KWatt) systems are fairly popular currently. When discussing your needs with prospective solar companies make sure you get the optimum size for your needs – taking into account your seasonal electricity usage.

3.0 KWatt systems on offer from $3600 to more than $5000

Large Systems 5 KWatt

This end of the market has been where most of the ‘price action’ has been in recent times. Possibly as a result of the ‘maturing market’ for solar (with more than 1 million homes in Australia now with solar panels installed) and the slowing Brisbane solar market in particular since the cut in the Queensland feed in tariff, companies are looking to win the high dollar installations more than ever – resulting in price pressure.

5.0 KWatt systems on offer from $5800 to more than $8,000