Solar Panels Brisbane Pricing – May 2013

It is interesting to watch pricing being offered into the Brisbane solar market. Obviously many factors impact pricing of solar installation in Brisbane,including;

  • Country of Origin of the solar panels and inveter
  • Quality of The panels and inverter
  • AUD v USD exchange rate (looks set to decline)
  • The competitiveness of the market place – in the case of Brisbane – very competitive
  • Cost of Installation – eg: subcontractor versus in house installation team
  • Overheads of the business. A ‘one man band’ working from a small premises will no doubt have lower overheads than a large company

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Looking at various 5 Kw systems on offer we saw the following systems being offered:

Brisbane 5 Kilo watt solar system – German Made Panels and German Made Inverter $13,200

Brisbane 5 Kilo wat solar system – Chinese solar panels and Inverter from Germany – $9900

Brisbane 5 kilo Watt solar system – Chinese made solar panels and Chinese Inverter – $5500

Interesting to see the range of prices. It is fair to say that ‘Chinese solar panels’ covers a range of good, bad and indifferent quality panels. Many of the ‘top tier’ Chinese manufactured panels are without doubt of excellent quality, whilst horror stories of the cheapest priced panels have received a lot of press coverage over the last year or so, with stories of failure due to lack of weather resistance, yellowing of the panels – meaning reduced output etc etc.

Many companies, sensibly, in our view, offer good quality ‘brand name’ medium tier solar panels with, say, a quality SMA inverter (German). This approach probably makes more sense than buying the ‘cheapest of the cheap’  – where issues of long term support, warranyy , long term solar performance etc may be unknown.