Solar Power Brisbane Buyers Beware – A.C.C.C. Hones In On ‘Misleading Claims’ From Solar Panel Companies

We read with interest a report that the A.C.C.C. is pursuing 2 solar  companies over ‘false or misleading claims about the country of origin of the solar panels they supply’. The issue surround claims that the solar panels being marketed were being claimed to be manufactured in Australia, when, in fact they were being manufactured in China. The second issue was around testimonials posted by the solar company that were not true. This is very poor form and again, sets the solar industry in a bad light. 

Brisbane solar checklist - consumer information

Do Your Research Before Purchasing A Solar System

  1. Brand of Solar Panels – How long has the company been in business?
  2. Brand of Solar Panels – What is the warranty offered
  3. Brand of Solar Panels – Does that particular brand have a long standing Australian distributor and preferably a distributor in Brisbane or Queensland
  4. Check out comments and threads on to get an idea as to what users of these panels have experienced. Remember people post on these forums for all kinds of reasons so make sure you get as much and varied feedback as possible!
  5. Solar Inverter – same issues per solar panels points 1-4 above.
  6. Solar Installation Company – Are they C.E.C. accredited?
  7. Solar Installation Company – Again, how long have they been in business?
  8. Solar Installation Company – Are they Brisbane based? – this is preferable in our opinion
  9. Solar Installation Company – Do they have their own solar system designers in-house? Again, we see this as preferable
  10. Solar Installation Company – Do they have their own (C.E.C. accredited) installation team – preferable, in our view, over subcontractors.
  11. Solar Installation Company – Do they offer an ‘on – site’ inspection of your roof to determine if there are shading problems and is the orientation, structural integrity, pitch etc of your roof suitable for p.v. installation?
  12. Solar Installation Company – How long do they warrant their installation for (as opposed to panel and inverter warranty)?
  13. Solar Installation Company – Can you call some of their existing clients to verify their workmanship and support etc

We will continue to add other important issues to review when going through your checklist prior to solar installation. It is also good to know there are many very reputable Brisbane solar installation companies who have a very long term view of the industry and have an excellent reputation within the industry and more importantly from their past clients.