Solar Power Brisbane Prices – December 2014

Solar Systems Installation In Brisbane – Prices December 2014

Just as any appliance or consumer items tend to have different ‘tiers’ of pricing depending on the brand, quality and country of manufacture, solar systems prices vary considerably depending on:

  1. Brand of Solar Panels Used.  Brands like Sunpower which are often considered high performance and high efficiency panels, made to a high quality could cost 3 to 4 times the price of a ‘no name’ Chinese solar panel, where the manufacturing processes may be more of an assembly line of components procured from third parties, meaning less traceability and potentially inferior or less predictable quality. Note, many high quality, branded solar panels are manufactured in China (in fact China manufactures over 90 percent of the worlds solar panels) and brands like ET Solar, Yingli and Trina have solid reputations for value, reliability and specifications.
  2. Inverter used. The inverter which converts the electricity produced by the solar panels into a.c. (alternating current) electricity for use in the home or ‘exported’ back onto the power grid, is a critical part of the solar system. Because inverters employ sophisticated ‘power conversion’ techniques by way of switch mode electronics, the reliability of the manufacture and design of the inverter is critical for long term reliability and efficient operation. Inverter brands like SMA have a good track record of reliable operation in Australia and have solid back up should there be service issues.

Current pricing for solar systems varies widely as the selection of the solar panels, solar inverters, quality of installation (which can be via subcontractors or ‘in house’ installers like Roof Worx LLC) all vary, so buying only on price consideration is not a wise move. You need to look at what panels and inverters are being offered, who is doing the installation, what warranties are offered on the components and the installation, what the expected energy production of the system is and how it will impact your yearly power bills. If the solar company is no longer in business in years to come, what support is available from the distributors of the panels and inverter, if any? Given all of this, indicative pricing for solar systems, as of December 2014 is:

1.5 Kilowatt solar system installed in Brisbane – $1700 to $3500

3.0 Kilowatt solar system installed in Brisbane – $3300 to $6800

5.0 Kilowatt solar system installed in Brisbane – $4700 to $13,500

The key is to do your research as you would with any other substantial purchase. A high quality, well installed solar system should operate for 20 plus years. If you purchase a system that proves problematic then what seems like a ‘cheap’ system may end up costing more in the long term and not yield the savings on your power bill that was anticipated.