Solar Power Systems – How They Work

The priciples of solar power are easily understood as there are only 2 major components – the solar panels and the solar inverter..

1. The solar panels are made up from silicon solar cells. Silicon is a ‘semiconducting’  material and is the basis for most modern day electronic devices. Silicon has an unusual property – that is, when the sun strikes a silicon wafer a flow of electrons (also known as electricity!) starts…… this electricity is direct current or d.c. electricity. The range, cost and quality of solar panel offerings into the Brisbane market has changed dramatically over the last 5 years..


2. Ok, so we have mounted our solar panels onto appropriately designed and certified solar racking , in a northerly facing direction, so as to maximise the amount of Brisbane sunshinesolar inverter   they will receive. Next we wire these solar panels into a Solar Inverter which converts the d.c. electricity into a.c. electricity which we use in our homes.


3. The a.c. power from the inverter is used firstly by your home, the remainder being sent back onto the electricity grid. You are ‘paid’ for this at the ‘feed tariff rate‘. A newly installed solar meter measures the amount of power sent onto the grid from your solar system.