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…Another cheap chinese inverter with questionable inverter warranties?

Sungrow is an extremely large Chinese manufacturer that specializes in inverters. On the Sungrow international website, Sungrow claims that they are the 2nd inverter manufacturer worldwide by the MW capacity. The Sungrow inverters have been described as robust, flexible and simple.One of the main attractions to these systems is that they feature a built-in Wireless monitoring.

As you can see by Sungrows Inverter website and contact details – They are very much a cheap Chinese inverter – Click to view website.

Company Background

Sungrow features an Australian website and have been in operation since 1997. Sungrow is regarded as a big and solid company that really practice what they preach when it comes to solar panels. The company was initially started in China and unlike many other products, they don’t pretend that they are anything else but Chinese.

The Pros Related To The Sungrow Inverters

Sungrow specializes in inverters and the range is fairly extensive. They feature the residential inverters that range from 2kW to 5kW and each of these inverters feature in-built WiFi functionality that allows the user a method to monitor the power of the solar system from just about any device.

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Typical Chinese inverter company having Chinese men stand around selling the Chinese inverters.

Below is a few of the inverters included in the Sungrow range:

•KTL-D Series which are dual strings

•KTL-S Series which are single strings

•Many larger inverters that have been designed for the commercial projects that includes a 60kW that is rated as a 99% efficient inverter

These inverters are regarded as performing well in turning solar (DC) into what is known as home (AC) power. In fact their 30kW unit has scored an impressive AA rating in current tests related to Photon inverters. The 4kW unit also scored a high rating of A, relating to great results in regards to performance and efficiency.

The Disadvantages Of The Sungrow Inverters

One of the main disadvantages related to Sungrow is that many consumers are not prepared to invest in Chinese products. However, most products on the worldwide markets today are originally manufactured in China and China is actually a global powerhouse when it comes to manufacturing. People with common sense have come to realize that both the bad and good of many products have the ability to come from any country. What really matters is the quality of a product. This is a known fact about Sungrow who has been able to outperform SMA which is European inverters. The fact of the matter is that the Sungrow inverters offer a system that is solid and reliable at a very good price.

Sungrow Inverters Beat SMA Inverters??

The magazine known as Photon International publishes reviews on a host of solar panel products and their manufacturers. This company has a laboratory based in Germany where they test inverters and then give them grades that range between A to F. This assists the average consumer in skipping over all the datasets and graphs and simply making a decision on whether an inverter is good or it is not.

This organization usually tests the inverters efficiency levels when placed under a variety of scenarios. They then plot inverter-efficiency curves and use thermal-imaging cameras where they will look out for any hotspots to evaluate whether the inverter will be disposed to early failure or other related issues.

In one of the issues there was a test conducted on inverters that come from Germany and one Chinese inverter from the Sungrow manufacturers.

You would be mad to buy a Sungrow over a SMA, Fronius or even a ABB inverter!

Below are the results from these tests;

1.Inverter Effekta ES5000 4.6kW Made In Taiwan German Company

The very first time that this particular inverter was tested by Photon Magazine they gave the inverter a Grade F score. This was due to the fact that the inverter was only able to manage 92.2% efficiency when exposed to strong sunlight which is considered appalling. The next test on a newer version there efficiency increased to 94.8% which managed to get this inverter a C Grade.

2.Inverter SMA Sunny Boy SB 3000HF-30 (Made In Germany)

SMA is well known for being the market leaders in relation to solar inverters and their manufacture quality has always been highly rated. This new, transformer based, high frequency model rated a C Grade when placed into medium sunlight and a B Grade when it was place under strong sunlight. The measured efficiency in strong sun-light was 95.2%.

3.Inverter Sungrow Sun Access SG15TKL Made And Engineered In China

This particular inverter managed to score an outstanding Grade A in every category tested and measure 97.0% efficiency when placed under high irradiation. The quality related to the construction is also praised. This means after a bumpy start, the majority of the Chinese inverter manufacturers is quickly learning from their past mistakes and have now managed to produce exceptional inverters.

It is advisable however, not to invest in an inverter from a Chinese manufacturer that is brand new, as they typically take a few years in ironing out any reliability problems. Some of the other sought after manufacturers that come out of China that make high-rated efficiency inverters will include Growatt, ZeverSolar and Samil Power.

However, when it comes to decades of reliability the prices related to the German brands like SMA as well as non-German brands that have been on the markets for many years such as Power One and Scneider. SMA is considered the safest option due to the number of years that they have been involved in manufacturing inverters and are able to prove the reliability of these products.

sungrow inverters are they any good

It is laughable to suggest that Sungrow inverters are in the same category of SMA and Fronius Inverters

If you are looking for a way to increase your chances that the inverter you choose is able to last for many years to come and are able to afford it, it is advisable to choose one of the “Top end” brands of high efficiency inverters.

On the other hand if you happen to be on a specific budget, like so many of us are, then the Chinese Solar inverters that offer at least a 10-year guarantee are considered to be amedium risk. In addition, most of the better-known Chinese inverters are typically not so good when it comes to honouring their warranties which are not always handled efficiently and professionally in their branches all over the world. You are best to be careful when buying a Sungrow inverter.

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  1. I am in a rural area, and am concerned about the conditions around repair, should either a Sungrow or SMA converter have problems. Would I have to get an electrician in to dismantle the inverter and then have to send it off to ? To get it fixed, or could a local solar techno fix it?

    • The inverter companies pay electricians to go out and swap them over with a working one. SMA is the very best at having electricians on hand in rural areas.

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